Blinded By the Light

I gotta say, I’ve had a great visit to my home state these past few days. I’m vowing to get home more often, mostly because I don’t want the kids to have vague recollections of their eccentric aunt who ran away to the west coast. Actually, I’m not sure frequent home visits will squelch that notion, but I can try. I feel like I’ve had really good interactions with my family. I mean, honestly, if you know my family, it’s no wonder I’m eccentric. I didn’t become this way all by myself.
I took my mom’s white clothes out of the dryer the other day. These clothes weren’t this white when they were purchased, I’m sure. I was nearly blinded when I opened the dryer door. I made a mental note to ask what the secret was. Later, when my mom came home, I asked, “Mom, how do you get your clothes so white?”
“Oh, let me show you!” She ran downstairs and grabbed a bottle. Yes, my mom uses

Clorox toilet bowl cleaner to remove tough stains. I’m not sure it’s what the Clorox people had in mind. In fact, I thought they made another product for laundry, but I can’t be sure. Oh, and a dash of OxyClean along with the detergent. There you have it. Joanne’s secret to BVD’s as white as marshmallow Fluff.

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