Gas is Cheaper in the Country

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Stunning isn’t it? Obviously, the rest of the country is getting ripped off. Seriously, though, this station has been closed since the GOP took office.
I took a ride through a mild thunderstorm to visit some of my family in Adams County yesterday. I really had a great time with my cousins and aunts. By early evening the rain had passed and we spent most of our time hanging out by my aunt Bonnie’s pool, drinking wine and that other stuff my cousins insisted on calling beer. We also celebrated my cousin Ann’s **muffled muffled** birthday with cake and pizza that my cousin Leah toted all the way from Dayton. (The pizza, not the cake: My aunt Wilma brought the cake. I had never really spent much time with my cousins, Jennifer and Jill, and have to say that I’m regretting that I’ve missed those opportunities. I hope we have many more chances to hang out and laugh again. Remember, Oregon is pretty much a straight shot over from Chicago, albeit about 2000 miles.

Jill's footI mean, honestly, how can you not love someone who would dare to wear this color nailpolish? I felt so safe from low flying aircraft all evening.
Finally, my cousin, Ann, had to drag me away. After we took her kids home we ended up having a really nice 2 hour conversation in the car in front of my aunt’s house who was probably thinking that someone was on a stakeout. Don’t worry; we’ve solved all the world’s problems. It was very productive. Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

Thank you all for reading my blog. It’s great to get feedback even if it’s “well, I don’t always agree with it”. As I say, that’s what makes the world go round. If only we could all just “agree to disagree” and stop killing each other over it. I’m all about the Live and Let Live.


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