Officially NOT unemployed

I got a job!
I’ve been officially hired at Rogue Valley Medical Center in the ER. The good news is that I’m making more than I thought I would be which is even better. I had a tour of the hospital yesterday. It’s pretty new. They are very progressive. The manager is very cool and just wants her staff to be happy with their schedules. The patient/nurse ratio is 3:1. Psych patients are taken care of by behavioral health nurses. No crazy wombats sucking up everyone’s energy while being held in the ER for eternity. Acute MI’s go directly to the cath lab, bypassing the ER. The best part is the concierge for the staff and patients. They’ll run errands for you, shop, wash your car, etc while you’re busy at work. How sweet is that? Anyway, I’m pretty excited about starting.

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