Rainy Days and Mondays

What’s the Deal?

What is all this fuss about Anna Nicole Smith? Why was she even famous and why is there more media coverage about her decaying body than anything else in the world? I just need to know this. Seriously. Pardon me, but was she anything more than a no-talent, drug-addicted gold-digging slut? Did I miss some contribution she made to society? Did she win a Nobel Peace prize? Academy award? Anything?

Ok, enough about dead people. I haven’t even been keeping up with the news lately because everytime I turn the news on it’s about Anna Nicole Smith. Are we at war with Iran yet?


I think I have the bugs worked out on my homepage I had configured it for Mozilla and not the users for Internet Explorer so it probably looked whacked to you. If you find any bugs, let me know.

Also, check out the Chat Feature I installed.

The Big Move

Things have been crazy busy, trying to work, pack, find a job, find a home, navigate through the heaps of crap and boxes that have become my living space. Tomorrow I work. Saturday, we are having a yard sale to try to eliminate a few things and I’m hoping that it doesn’t rain. Monday I work again (my last work day at MMC) The Pods get delivered on Monday. Tuesday is Monica’s last day of work. Wednesday the piano mover is coming over to extract the piano from the back room and Thursday Meathead movers will be here to load up the big stuff. Friday night is the party, for those of you who aren’t aware. 8pm at Dunihoo’s house. We want to see everyone to say “goodbye.”

I’m not really sure when we’ll be taking off for Oregon, but we have to be out of the house by March 12, but living without a refrigerator and furniture might be a bit of a trick. We are subletting a studio until mid-May during which time we hope to find a house in Ashland. The house we bid on closed at full price this week I feel a little better about not losing it by a margin.

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