Crazy Man Alert

Only in Florida:

Luis de Jesus Miranda, Puerto Rican born ex-con heroin addict claims to be “Greater than Jesus.” He says that Jesus “integrated” with him in 1973 and now calls himself Jesus Christ Man and his many south Floridian, mostly Hispanic, followers claim that he is “God.”
He demands tithing from his followers which yielded 1.4 million dollars last year so that Miranda can live comfortably in gated estates, drive a BMW, sport three Rolex watches, and a monstrous gold and diamond ring.
He claims, “I cannot die.” Why, then, does he need four bodyguards? His ministry, called Growing in Grace, claims the existence of 30 teaching centers nationwide. According to Miranda, there is no sin and all other religions are lies and he is the only one who tells the truth. His followers scream and harass church-goers of other faiths.

Miranda’s Website

Move it on over, Jim Jones….

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