The congressman doth protest too much, methinks

REPUBLICAN Congressman Mark Foley recently resigned in quite a hurry when emails and text messages he had exchanged with an underage male page turned up in the news. ABC news printed the transcript between Foley and the 16 year old high school student: Read it and Puke

Foley, ironically enough, was a strong advocate for the Center for Exploited and Missing Children and had publicly condemned online sexual predators. Uh, ok. Other members of Congress have reportedly known about Foley’s behavior for some time, deeming it “naughty” and had told him to stop communication with the minor immediately. Apparently pedophilia and being a piece of crap hypocrite is tolerated in the GOP, but we already knew that. It’s only when those godless liberals do something do we call for one’s head on a platter. Yesterday Foley announced that he would be seeking rehabilitation for his alcoholism, — Huh?– but made no mention of seeking treatment for his compulsion to sex up young boys.

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